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Rose Quartz Moon


Rose Quartz Moon

Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is nature’s most loving gift. A universally loved stone, most people are always attracted to it’s soft pink energy. The ultimate love stone, this stone promotes love on all levels. It is a healer of the heart. Whether you want to attract love into your life, or learn to love yourself, (after all we attract that what we are) Rose quartz is a stone for everyone. Held against the chest, one can feel its loving energy immediately as it opens the heart chakra gently. This stone accepts and imparts its love to all, beginners and practitioners. Use Rose Quartz, in the home or any area to bring love and harmony.

*attracts love of all kinds
*opens the heart chakra to self love and compassion
*dissolves anger and fear, heals grief
*when given as a gift, it strengthens the bond between two people and helps to heal the relationship
* helps you appreciate the beauty in your surroundings

All crystals are charged with reiki healing and blessed with intention.

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My lover the moon... the moon is our feminine energy and reflects our emotional state. Depending on what sign your moon is, you can understand your emotions.
To connect to the moon guides us on our spiritual path, offers us protection, and helps us tap into our intuition. The moon reveals hidden secrets.. and helps us birth the new..

Rose Quartz Moon

It can be soaked in Rock Salt water overnight - use distilled water and a glass bowl.
It can also be cleansed with sage/incense.
Recharge with Selenite, or in the Moonlight.

*Texture and weight may vary from the photograph every care has been taken to ensure that the product details are correct.
*All dimensions are measured by hand, so there might be a very slight variation.
*Color may vary due to lighting/flash during photography or your monitor settings.
*The image has been enlarged for better viewing so kindly go through the mentioned dimensions of the product for actual sizes of the product.
*This is a natural raw stone, so small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible and normal.

Product is shipped after 7 business days.

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